It’s the small moments between brands and patients that create relationships.

We are a full-service creative agency with a digital foundation specializing in health and wellness. Over the years, we’ve proven that nothing is more fundamental to successful long-term marketing efforts than creating long-term relationships between brands and patients.

Understanding — and using — technology the way we do gives us a unique insight into “people chemistry.” And it’s chemistry that inspires action and creates relationships. In turn, relationships deliver what healthcare brands want
most: loyalty.

Technology, delivering Chemistry, driving Action, creating Loyalty.

That’s DECODE.

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Relationships are chemistry. Not biology. The same thing is true for marketing.

Healthcare Industry


We live in the healthcare space, using our expertise to drive patient volume and conversions. But our skills not only impact patients but the business-to-business side of healthcare as well. Our proven track record in recruitment is just one example.

Senior Living Industry

Senior Living Communities

Talking to people who are in the process of deciding to transition into senior living is a unique conversation. It’s a dialogue that has to be approached through creativity, understanding, and most of all, a sense of empathy.

Behavioral Mental Health Industry

Behavioral + Mental Health

From experience, we know that wellness means much more than just the physical. Moving an audience to seek treatment for behavioral or mental issues begins with an understanding of how they perceive themselves and how the world perceives them.

Wellness Industry

360 Wellness

The modern wellness journey isn’t a linear line. It’s a 360 environment that goes from physical therapy and chiropractic visits, to ophthalmology and alternative healthcare services. Navigating this environment takes experience. We have it.

They called, we answered.

MM+M's Silver Small Healthcare Agency 2022

Awards aren’t just about recognition. They’re about recognition that produces results.

  • AMA Crystal Awards in 2021

  • AAF ADDY Awards

  • Healthcare Advertising Awards in 2021

  • Aster Awards in 2021

We have the kind of track record that people not only want to hear, they want to be a part of.

A participant shows off their free coffee with a St. Luke’s Health-branded cup sleeve.

World Kindness Day

How do you launch a brand program called Hello humankindness? With a little coffee and a lot of heart.

Grandchild playing with their Grandma

Senior Living

At the point in a parent’s life when senior living becomes a reality, what’s needed most is empathy. We created a campaign that delivered real empathy, and in doing that, delivered an increase in resident volumes for our client.


National Heart Month

In the Louisiana region, heart attacks are an above-average health threat. For National Heart Month, we created a campaign that appealed to the gate-keepers — wives, husbands, friends — to carry the heart health message to our audience.

Jesse Cody stands on a hiking trail in a forest, wearing hiking gear and looking directly into the camera.

Nonprofit Rebrand

Hiking saved Jesse Cody’s life from the depths of depression. Now, Jesse is on a mission to spread the word about the hope that hiking delivers. In order to do that, he needed a brand. That’s where we stepped in.

So what’s the first step to creating marketing solutions that generate chemistry and loyalty? This next step.

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We want to hear from you. We want to know your goals, problems, ideas, and needs. So let’s get a cup of coffee and talk about how we can team up to make something amazing happen.

In healthcare... There is no off-season. This is the marketing discipline that coined the phrase "always on".