Strategy + Analytics

Service Main Background

Physical, emotional, hopes, memories, and dreams. We understand strategies because we understand the whole person.

At its core, strategy is about building relationships through the humanization of data. We build trust between people and brands through small moments that give us the insights we need to provide genuine value to our clients and drive real results. That’s our secret strategy formula: a blend of real-world facts and human moments.

Life is 360 degrees. That means strategies can’t be any less.

  • Program + Campaign Strategy: We take a 360-degree view of your programs and campaigns with full-service implementations, optimizations, and solutions designed to drive results.
  • Strategic Planning: We know the importance of diving headfirst into a strategy, creating in-depth audits to guide campaigns to success from the very beginning.
  • Go-to-Market Strategies: We’re skilled in crafting strategies specifically for the buyer’s journey, creating competitor analyses that produce a competitive strategy for products and services.
  • Consumer Research + Data Mining: We build loyalty through demographic research and psychographic indicators that shape our understanding of the communities our clients want to build relationships with and their needs.
  • Personas + Consumer Journey Mapping: Every campaign starts with a strategist who creates unique audience demonstrations that show us who the audience is and what drives them to action.

Producing response, by producing the unexpected.

Two KN95 masks placed next to each other to resemble breasts.

Two Masks

It takes a bold idea and a sharp strategy to shift public focus from a global pandemic to routine mammograms.

Each kit contained hand sanitizer, tissues, and educational resources.

Primary Care Flu Kit

Sometimes thinking outside the box includes putting healthy resources inside a box to keep the community safe during flu season.

Woman and child hugging and smiling

National Patient Engagement

We emphasized the “care” in “healthcare” to promote the importance of healthcare as self-care.

Marketing ideas worth reading. And launching.

woman with a band-aid on the arm

A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide To Leveraging Flu Season

When it comes to brand awareness opportunities, flu season is nothing to sneeze at.

Yellow background with toilet paper.

72% of Men Would Rather Clean a Bathroom Than Go to the Doctor

How do you convince someone that going to the doctor isn’t so bad? By building a strategy that meets them where they’re at.

Employees sitting in a meeting room talking.

3 Ways To Shake Up Your Healthcare Marketing Plan

Fiscal year planning might seem boring, but the strategic possibilities it can provide for your marketing plan are endless.

We don’t need to take all of the steps. Let’s just take the next step. Together.

Are you ready to take your organization’s strategic planning to the next level? We can help you get there.