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Building patient journeys beyond referrals

Building patient journeys beyond referrals

DECODE Webinar | Advanced specialty care: Building impactful patient journey strategies beyond the referral

In February 2023, we rounded up 300 advanced specialty care (ASC) patients and asked them a question or two — actually, we asked a lot more than that — about how they find their specialists. And when we discovered that nearly three out of four of them do research beyond their doctor’s referral when looking for advanced care, we knew we had to share our findings.

So we combined our first-party data and survey results with our ASC patient journey matrix to create one place with all the resources you need to reach ASC patients — and turned it into the latest installment of our DECODE Debrief webinar series.

The live event already happened, but we’ve got the recording available for you to watch at your convenience.


Here’s what we covered in Advanced specialty care: Building impactful patient journey strategies beyond the referral. 

  • Strategies for aligning your messaging across all service lines
  • First-party research and analysis of how patients think about their specialty care and what drives their decision making
  • Clear messaging structures that match your patients’ thought processes through defined tactics and segmentation
  • Looking at why referrals aren’t a closed path but the perfect opportunity to message patients
  • The structure to develop campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive volumes
  • A hands-on walkthrough of our patient journey matrix and how to use it

At DECODE, we believe in being thorough, so we’re giving you extra resources, including:

We know it might be hard to believe, but there are even more insights and ideas where those came from — and we’d love to tell you all about them.