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Marketing automation is not optional equipment.

In a world where technology is king, effective marketers also need to be well-versed technologists. Tech is a living thing — growing and evolving all the time. We know that you need an agency that’s always prepared for what’s next, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide value to our clients by being experts in the latest and greatest in marketing automation.

We don’t follow the consumer journey. We lead it.

  • Email Campaign Strategy: Maximize your revenue, increase repeat sales, and grow customer loyalty with personalized campaign email programs — strategically designed to reach the right audience at the right time.
  • Email Automation & Optimization: Combining industry trends with your audience’s data, we optimize results by designing targeted automation sequences. We monitor and test new methods to earn continuous revenue growth.
  • List Management & Segmentation: We create robust segmentation strategies to leverage your audience’s behaviors, demographics, and predictive journeys — maximizing your CRM.
  • Responsive Email Design: Our cross-departmental strategies provide the best of both worlds. We use compelling creative with regular A/B testing to make data-driven decisions.

Take a look at what a combination of inspiration and automation can do.

Shine a Light Cardiovascular Campaign

Shine a Light on Heart Health

We harnessed the power of an interactive experience to draw attention to women’s heart health. We developed a landing page that served as an information hub and a segue to a heart-health quiz that kept visitors engaged.

Woman and child hugging and smiling

National Patient Engagement

How do you generate nearly 4,000 clicks and $89,000 in revenue between August and October? Four targeting methods that direct the right audiences to the right places.

Here’s an opportunity to learn from the best marketing teacher of all, experience.

Employees sitting in a meeting room talking.

3 Ways To Shake Up Your Healthcare Marketing Plan

When the fiscal year rolls around and you feel that your same-old-same-old marketing strategy is getting stale, there’s only one thing to do — take a brand new approach.

Mini toy school bus.

A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Back to School

Back to school marketing is all about content, content, content. Making sure relevant resources get to parents, teachers, and students. We’re breaking down every topic you should include in your back to school plan.

MMG case study image

Attract Talent, Keep Talent: New Ways To Approach Healthcare Recruitment

It’s no secret that recruitment — and retention — is a top priority for healthcare organizations. Marketing may play a bigger role in these efforts than you’d expect.

Creating Loyalty Through Technology… That’s DECODE.

We’re ready to show you how you can expand your reach through the power of marketing automation.