CHI Living Communities

We took a senior living brand and made it young again.

A little background. CHI Living Communities is a senior living group consisting of 13 communities across seven states, with services ranging from independent living to memory care. They wanted a campaign that would drive new leads, and we delivered, with a brand that drew in thousands of interested parties, with more than 3,000 phone calls coming in across the Living Communities locations by the end of the campaign.

The problem. Their existing branding was outdated and didn’t tell the whole story about who they are and what life in their communities is like. So we created a brand that showed senior living as the beginning of life’s next phase — not the end of the previous one. 

Additionally, our rebrand needed to be flexible enough to work with all of the communities’ different types of care and fight the stigma that many people feel about senior living vs. living at home. 

CHI Living Campaign Paper

A concept that offered seniors the most precious of all amenities: freedom.

When most people think about senior living, they think about restrictions—about something ending. We wanted to change that. Our rebrand concept was called “Freedom,” and it called upon our audience to consider what’s possible when they’re free to pursue their passions, and how Living Communities can make that possible. Unlike many of our competitors, we chose photography that depicted action and movement, people doing the things they love.

Our message was simple: Living Communities provides “Freedom when you want it. Support when you need it.” 

We paired that message with a robust search campaign. Under the new, cohesive branding, this campaign allowed us to drive our own leads (versus purchasing leads from an aggregate site like A Place for Mom, which were incredibly costly). 380,000 impressions proved that this strategy put us right where we needed to be to capture lower funnel leads — right where our audience was looking.

CHI Living Campaign Papers

Seniors — and their families — are choosing new possibilities over old restrictions.

Since completing this rebranding project, our concept has been rolled out to Living Communities’ locations across the country, where it’s serving to unite the brand and work flexibly for the needs of each community.

And these results aren’t just subjective. We saw an incredible response, with KPIs growing exponentially over the course of the campaign.

CHI Living Campaign Screen
  • impressions

  • clicks

  • phone calls

  • form fills

  • dollars in cost per acquisition

In addition to creating a cohesive, hope-filled spirit for Living Communities’ branding, this campaign drastically reduced their average cost per acquisition. 

Growing old is a requirement. Growing up is optional.