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Our dev team is only happy with the following one-word critique: awesome.

We aren’t an agency that believes in one-size-fits-all. Our developers are platform agnostic, trained in a variety of CMS systems so they can work directly with our clients to determine the right platform for their needs. The DECODE team takes a 360 approach to web development and engineering projects, making sure your site looks beautiful while adhering to UX/UI and SEO best practices. We build the technology and find the solutions that drive results. But the real reason you should work with us is that we’re in this for the long haul, meticulously building and maintaining websites that work for you, because we know this isn’t a project — it’s a partnership. 

Excellence in engineering is skill, art, and attitude.

  • Website + Microsite Development: Whether we’re starting from scratch or giving your current website a facelift, our team of developers has the skills to get you exactly what you need. They’re trained in Drupal, Sitecore, AEM, WordPress, and even more CMS platforms.
  • Maintenance: We become an extension of your marketing team, keeping your website up to date with the latest software and privacy laws. We take pride in our ability to reduce technical debt, solving problems in the now to save you money in the future. 
  • Application Development: From web-based to mobile apps, our team is skilled at building custom applications, like Find A Doctor tools. And beyond creating apps, we provide you with all the documentation and resources you need to implement ongoing optimizations.
  • System Integration: The biggest challenge with today’s technology is often knowing how to bring together disparate items in a way that makes sense for your audience. That’s where we come in, developing middleware so you don’t have to build a new tool from scratch and allowing you to lean in on efficiencies that benefit both timelines and budgets.
  • Accessibility + Privacy + Security Consulting: Every website we develop meets ADA standards and HIPAA requirements. We also provide consulting services — assisting audits and retrofitting of your existing web assets so you can keep potential litigation at bay. 
  • Data Engineering + Consulting: In the world of big data, it can be difficult to see which trends and insights are important for your organization. That’s where we come in — building ETL processes and custom dashboards that help you make sense of the data and bring the most impactful insights to the forefront. 
  • CDP Implementation: With the death of the cookie looming over the marketing industry, we’re working with our clients to implement CDPs alongside their website’s CMS, creating personalized experiences that drive both results and retention.

The most useful commodity is data. The most useful tool is technology.

A snapshot of two pages on Baylor College of Medicine’s new website.

Centralizing an Academic Medical Center Website.

When you harness the power of UX, you can increase new users to a 26,000 page website by 250%, all while lowering ongoing maintenance costs 200%.

Medical Center

Baylor College of Medicine Lung Institute

We helped breathe life into the new Lung Institute with a custom experience built for different audiences — patients, referring physicians, and international patients. These experiences built patient volumes that exceeded the year’s target within the first three months.

Big Houston Heart 2020

Big Houston Heart

A website can be more than a megaphone. It’s an opportunity to build an experience, and that’s exactly what we did with Big Houston Heart. We moved beyond the traditional static web page and created true interactions around brand and relationships during a global pandemic. 

There’s value in being Street Legal.

Person typing on a computer

3 Reasons To Have an ADA Compliant Website

Meeting ADA requirements isn't just a legal issue, creating an accessible site is beneficial for your bottom line and for the social responsibility we have as organizations and humans. Check out some of our tips.

Security camera

Understanding Digital Marketing in a Privacy-Focused World

With the block of third-party cookies by major web browsers, the gathering and management of data is having to pivot to ensure consumers’ privacy. Get ahead of the curve and find new ways to reach potential customers.

Technology is the engine of change. It’s also the engine of loyalty.

Our team’s work not only shows our loyalty to our clients but also develops a long-lasting relationship between you and your customers. Wanna start our relationship over a cup of coffee (on us)?