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When have you ever heard an agency brag about zero?

Our media spending policy: zero waste. It is our goal to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. Our media capabilities are rooted in digital.

In 2015, we made a commitment to bring both the technology and the talent in-house to form our own tech stack (DMP/DSP/Ad Server). That commitment has delivered real-world benefits for our clients, such as nearly 50% savings that allows them to stretch their budget twice as far. Our flexibility in ad placements means no long-term contracts, and we’re committed to increasing transparency in ad visibility and multi-touch reporting. We also strive to stay up-to-date with emerging third-party data, and new ad formats giving our clients a competitive edge.

The bottom line is simply this: We not only have the skill set, and the technology, we also have a maintenance and optimization process that has our buyers embedded in your campaigns — rather than working as a once-a-month visitor that never factors in the previous month's performance.

Media skills that earn eyes, ears, and hearts.

  • Media Strategy + PlanningWe look beyond the ones and zeros to find the tactics, target audience, and media channels that best fit your goals, providing a strategic look at which data levers to pull — segmentation, creativity, and channels — that will align with your goal. 
  • Advertising + Media Buying + Targeting: We have experience in both digital and traditional media, which allows us to create omnichannel connectivity that drives real results.
  • Channel Planning + Optimization: Paid search, social media advertising, and programmatic digital are how you get in front of the right people, and we’re able to find the right actions and relationships within the small moments of chemistry. 
  • Competitive Media Analysis: We look at the competitive landscape for our clients and identify opportunities for them to stand out, regardless of budgets or circumstances. 
  • Data-Driven Reporting (24/7 Access): These very important ones and zeros tell us exactly what’s working — and what’s not, giving us the opportunity to make it even better. We go beyond just impressions and clicks to deliver a true understanding of campaign performance on business level objectives and provide actionable insights.

We create chemistry by understanding the currency of different audiences.

For the Bumps Along the Way

Our message was relevant, the creative was impactful, and the growth was quick. We were able to reduce their CPA by over 50% in less than 8 months, allowing their budget to be stretched twice as far.

A purple gradient background with neon sign lettering that says, “Shine A Light On Heart Health."

Shine a Light

Cardiovascular care matters when you put your heart into everything you do. In order to make a splash for a cardiovascular service line, we utilized animated social ads to lead people to the heart health quiz and used condition-based targeting, lookalike targeting, and retargeting to reach a wider audience.

Woman and child hugging and smiling

National Patient Engagement

In healthcare, we always focus on acquisition but little is done in terms of retention. We got more than 20% of dormant patients — those who went more than a year without seeing a physician — to come back within a three-month period based on a custom multi-touch program.

Medical Center

Lung Institute

What do you do when another industry is targeting the exact group you're trying to reach, driving the CPC through the roof? You get creative. Within the groups we were looking at, we narrowed the scope by focusing on anyone in these categories typing in queries about asthma, allergies, lung cancer, or COPD. Our client actually had to bring in more staff after exceeding their annual goal in just three months.

When we know data better, we know chemistry better.

Meta pixel

Meta Pixels Are Out. Privacy Is In.

Work with tracking and implementation tools that will automatically block out consumers’ private information.

MMG case study image

Attract Talent, Keep Talent: New Ways to Approach Healthcare Recruitment

Don’t wait for someone to come to you to start the conversation. Think outside of the norm and get people the information they want.

woman with a band-aid on the arm

A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Leveraging Flu Season

Real-time media buying is the tool you need to reach the people that need you most.

The lasting gift in any relationship? Loyalty.

We are ready to stand by your side and give it everything we’ve got. As a DECODE partner, you gain access to not only an incredible, dedicated team but a robust in-house TECH Stack and our killer skills. Let’s meet up over a cup of coffee (on us) and start building a long-lasting relationship.