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National patient engagement

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.

A little background. After a year of the pandemic — a year of lockdowns, social distancing, and a disruption of our regular activities — many people stopped keeping up with routine healthcare appointments and even stopped going to the emergency room when it was medically necessary. Particularly during an ongoing pandemic, this was putting our communities at risk. CommonSpirit Health wanted to reach out to people across the country to let them know it was time to reprioritize their health. 

The message DECODE needed to share was simple: taking precautions for COVID-19 was a commitment to our families and communities. But now is the time for another commitment. Take the first step and commit to your personal health by not allowing the idea of “staying away” get in the way of making sure you are healthy. 

We needed to reach out to people who had no encounter with this health system for 12+ months and build this long-term relationship back through ongoing communication and easy touchpoints. We needed to re-engage and help patients get back on track with their health.

Case study

We emphasized the “care” in “healthcare”.

Our solution. We used a three-phase approach to reach our audience. Phase one was our first re-introduction to our audience, so we began with the message that “Your health is too important to put on hold,” and a callout about concerns about going to the doctor during COVID-19. We featured photography of families spending time together, showing the benefits of wellness at any age. Phase two’s message reiterated the importance of healthcare as self-care, reminding our audience that “Being kind to yourself begins with a checkup” and “Caring for others begins with taking care of you.” The final month of our campaign was “A checkup is a gift we can give to ourselves,” a gentle reminder to schedule a visit and tips for staying healthy.

These messages were a slow-building persuasive argument about prioritizing your health. Spreading out our messaging over three months allowed us to build on our reasoning and continually remind our audience of the importance of regular healthcare visits. By voicing our argument from different angles over this period of time, we were able to keep the message from feeling stale and provide a fresh perspective that could resonate with our audience over time.

Case study

Now that we have your attention…

To move our audience, we used a variety of tactics. 

PHASE ONE — A CALL TO WELLNESS. We used email, social ads, display ads, and direct mail to reach our target audience. For this first month, the messaging was softer, inviting patients to resume their routine appointments and prioritize their healthcare. 

PHASE TWO — A PUSH FORWARD. As we moved into the second month of the campaign, we wanted to reiterate the empowerment that comes from knowing about the state of your health. The phase two messaging put the solution into our audience’s hands.

PHASE THREE — A STRAIGHTFORWARD APPROACH. The messaging was simple, but impactful: a reminder to schedule a checkup. We used these tactics to drive traffic to the campaign landing page, where we shared wellness resources and a call to action to make an appointment with a primary care physician. For the display campaign specifically, we used four different targeting strategies: (1) Users aged 25-64 who also hold private insurance, (2) Users who have been identified as being “COVID-Conscious,” (3) Users who are actively browsing COVID-related content and (4) retargeting users who have previously visited the landing page. This allowed us to reach people who may be new to the CommonSpirit Health system who also needed to create a relationship with a healthcare provider.

Case study

Did we make an impression? Yes. More than 3.8 million of them.

To measure the success of this national campaign, we focused in on the results from one region within our health system to measure patient volumes and other metrics in detail. CHI St. Vincent is a network of hospitals and clinics in Arkansas that ran this campaign from August-October of 2021.

In that time, we reached…

  • 3,956 clicks
  • A cost-per-click of $3.39
  • A click-thru-rate of .09%

Ultimately, CHI St. Vincent found that 21% of those reached through the NPE campaign made appointments, which resulted in $89,000 in revenue.