Two Masks

Capturing attention in a COVID-focused world.

For the first few months of the pandemic, The Rose, a Houston-based nonprofit organization that provides access to breast screening, diagnostics, and treatment services, had to halt services and could only bring in income through donations and grants. By the time The Rose was able to open its doors again, women had become hesitant to schedule mammograms, which had to be done in person. The pandemic had led to a decrease in people seeking medical care of all types, from delaying care for medical emergencies to postponing outpatient procedures (like mammograms) for fear of getting sick. A decrease in mammograms meant a decrease in funds to help uninsured patients. 

Compounding the problem, the pandemic cost hundreds of thousands of Houstonians their jobs—and their health insurance. With a larger uninsured demographic in need of assistance and fewer insured patients scheduling their annual mammograms, we needed to deliver a clear call for people to help The Rose, and themselves, by scheduling appointments, donating and reminding them that their well-being was still a priority.

Two KN95 masks placed next to each other to resemble breasts.

A message meant for this moment.

Given everyone had shifted their focus to COVID-19 and protecting their communities, our unique opportunity lied with our ability to call attention to, and align our messaging with this rising issue of women delaying care. We needed a way to leverage the hyperfocus around the pandemic to draw attention to the continued importance of screenings.

Once we understood this unique opportunity, we focused on how to get our message in front of the right audiences, at the right time, to help drive new behavior.

Phone with our campaign being displayed.

There can be life after breast cancer. The prerequisite is early detection.

In order to combine all of the elements of our strategy and grab attention, we decided on a somewhat unexpected message. The headline “Our new priorities can’t get in the way of our old priorities” was accompanied by a photo of two rounded KN95 masks placed to resemble a bra. On other ads with masks we included the phrase “Mammograms also save lives.” 

The team developed an omni-channel campaign across digital and traditional channels that would run during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, with traditional channels focused on driving community awareness and digital channels more targeted to women over the age of 40 to schedule their mammograms. 

The creative and messaging was so impactful, The Rose adapted it for many internal uses, including materials for their board of directors.

Two patients side by side.

Results that save lives.

Utilizing organic and paid social posts, digital and traditional ads, merchandise, e-cards, and other collateral, during the month of October, we achieved the following: 

  • 2,605 total conversions - an 85% increase over September 2020
  • A Cost Per Acquisition of $8.39 
  • 50,495 page views - a 20% increase over October 2019 
  • 18,396 visits to website - an 11.5% increase over October 2019
  • 1,230 ad clicks to website
  • 915 impressions from Google Ads 
  • 85,173 impressions from Facebook Ads 
  • An increase in average time on site of 1 minute 15 seconds for people using card creator vs. all other pages

With the increase in donations and scheduled mammograms, The Rose continues to save the lives of countless women in Texas.

Women wearing covid-19 masks

“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.”


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