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Shine a light on heart health

To have strong emotions is to be human; to provide solutions for them is to be a marketer.

The creation of “Shine a Light on HEaRt Health” started with the thought behind the "Shine Theory," which is quickly growing in popularity. The Shine Theory, created by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, is the idea that women should mutually support each other’s success, spearheaded by the idea that “I don’t shine if you don’t shine.” With this foundational inspiration in mind, we used the phrase “Shine a Light on” to get the idea across that we wanted to raise awareness of women’s cardiovascular health. 

The campaign design involved neon signage elements to go along with the “shine” and “light” messaging. Accompanying this bold type, we incorporated a gradient, glowing background into our creative to further the “shine” idea and help our ads stand out among the typical lifestyle imagery found in healthcare marketing, especially among our competitors.

We subtly highlighted the “her” in “HEaRt Health” in color to cleverly distinguish that we’re focusing on women’s heart health without completely excluding the male population. We used this glowing imagery throughout our landing page and creative to further highlight the key statistics we wanted to bring attention to.

A fact in neon writing that says, “Since 1984, more women than men have died from heart disease.”

Cardiovascular care matters when you put your heart into everything you do.

St. Luke’s Health is a healthcare system with multiple hospitals, freestanding emergency rooms, and medical groups located throughout the Greater Houston area. 

In late 2019, St. Luke’s Health tasked us to create a campaign that would make a splash in the market for their cardiovascular service line for the upcoming American Heart Month, February 2020.


The opening page for the Heart Health Quiz.

It’s easy to get someone’s attention. What counts is getting their interest.

We used a variety of tactics.

  1. DIGITAL: We developed a landing page to serve as the informational hub for the “Shine a Light'' campaign. It included an overview of the initiative, key statistics, patient stories, blog resources, and a summary of St. Luke’s Health’s cardiovascular expertise. In addition to these, we also created a 10 question quiz that focused on the differences in heart health by gender, highlighting commonly unknown facts about women’s cardiovascular wellness.
  2. SOCIAL: We utilized various social media platforms to promote the campaign, using animated social ads to lead people to the heart health quiz, and used condition-based targeting, lookalike targeting, and retargeting to reach a wider audience.
  3. PRINT: We placed campaign print ads in six strategic publications, including local magazines with a primarily female audience, as well as a brochure for a local “Women Empowering Women” event.
The Shine a Light microsite with links to women’s heart health resources.

The results speak for themselves. Throughout the 29-day campaign, we saw:

  • total impressions

  • %

    longer average session duration compared to the overall St. Luke’s Health website

  • %

    lower bounce rate compared to the overall St. Luke’s Health site


American Marketing Association Houston Crystal Awards - Copywriting

American Marketing Association Houston Crystal Awards - Maverick Marketing

Healthcare Advertising Awards - Digital Marketing Program - Silver Award

Healthcare Advertising Awards - Single Magazine Ad - Silver Award

Healthcare Advertising Awards - Social Media - Bronze Award

American Advertising Awards - Web/Interactive Microsites - Silver Award

American Advertising Awards - Web/Interactive for Local Healthcare - Bronze Award