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St. Luke’s Health SEO Local 3 Pack

How do you find a hidden gem? You bring it out of hiding.

The Who: Our client, St. Luke’s Health, is a healthcare system with multiple hospitals, freestanding emergency rooms, and medical groups located throughout Southeast Texas.

The What: St. Luke’s wasn’t seeing the conversion rate they had hoped for from organic search results. In other words, they couldn’t be easily found without their name included in the search.

The Why: Individuals who leverage search when looking for a physician are nearly 5x more likely to convert. Google has been transforming itself from a search engine into a “search and answer” platform, giving content more power.

SLH Hospital Exterior

How do you conquer your content?

Content has been and always will be king. Between blogs, social media, Google listings, emails, and more, there’s a lot that can be categorized as content. St. Luke’s Health came to us wanting to focus on their organic results, bringing all of these content types together to drive conversions from Google searches. 

So, how do you make the most of this mountain of content? Optimize, optimize, optimize — and streamline where you can.


It’s time to embrace and own your Google presence.

The team at St. Luke’s took every idea we threw at them and ran with it, leaning into Google’s algorithm and the opportunities it presented. Together, our teams were able to create streamlined processes for batch production and update many location and physician directories simultaneously. We were able to help our clients gain a significant competitive advantage and reduce their reliance on paid results. 

Through this collaboration with St. Luke’s Health, we were also able to evaluate their content that fell along every step of the consumer journey, ensuring they could drive conversions along every key point. Google’s markup schemas — FAQ schemas, physician credentials, and procedure schemas — are big players when it comes to getting the most out of your content and reaching the right audience organically.


Who would’ve thought?

Well, we did. About 75% of patients use search in their journey to find a healthcare provider — making it pretty clear that our client’s directory and physician listings needed to be optimized. Overall, St. Luke’s Health saw a 65% increase in visibility across Google and Bing for their listings after our changes.

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