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How do we know we could reduce your media cost of patient acquisitions by up to 70%?

Because we’ve already done it for MMG.

A little background: Our client is Dignity Health. They are the 5th largest hospital system in the country (with a staff of over 60,000 caregivers) and…they are the largest not-for-profit hospital system in California. Within Dignity, the Mercy Medical Group directs the marketing of 8 key service lines—they’re a part of Physician Enterprise, within the larger family.

Those service lines run from Primary Care and Orthopedics to Cardiovascular and Pediatrics. Very diverse services, but they all had one thing in common—they had media budgets, and plans, that needed to perform better.

MMG case study image

A media test drive that turned into a media commitment.

Dignity Health Mercy Medical Group was using a dedicated media planning and buying service. The problem was, the return on their investment wasn’t meeting expectations. The cost of acquisitions stayed the same, and the new patient numbers simply weren’t growing. So, MMG came to DECODE and proposed a media test on 2 service lines, Primary Care and Cardiovascular Care. Ultimately, all our campaigns included search, and some, depending on the service line, included social and display.

After 5 weeks of being in the market, acquisition numbers started to climb, costs started to drop, and ultimately, savings grew to 70%. The result was that Mercy Medical Group added 6 lines to our portfolio, and with that, we had a new client commitment.

MMG case study image.

How did it all come together?

It’s all about proprietary structure, proprietary technology, and thousands of hours of experience in managing the idiosyncrasies of the healthcare world. (To be specific, we have a tech stack that allows us to help our partners reach customers through third-party data; diagnostic, prescription, and payor mix, and do it as efficiently as possible.) On top of that, over the years we’ve gained an invaluable understanding of what patients want, need, and what media channels they’re using to find information.

Doctor talking to patient.

What can match 70% savings?

In a business climate where marketers are asked to do more with less budget, we not only cut cost of acquisitions by 70%, we increased the new patient volume by 6 times.

Doing a lot more with the same old budget…
that feels like the perfect definition of exceeding expectations.