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Authenticity: The key to video marketing in 2023

Authenticity: The key to video marketing in 2023

Video marketing isn’t new. Businesses have been using video to promote their brands for the last ten years at least. Video content is one of the best ways to show off a brand’s transparency and authenticity — it’s all about showing off personality. Throughout the years, creating videos that capture an audience has only become easier. The options are endless: everything from a high-quality, 4k camera to a smartphone. With this new ease — and necessity — to create a video marketing strategy, it’s time to jump off the fence and go all in. Here's our take on how you can optimize your video content strategy in 2023.

The benefits of video marketing are endless

Video content is quickly becoming the format brands are prioritizing to connect with consumers. In 2022, 82% of the global internet traffic is coming from streaming videos and downloads. Video has become a valued portion of a business's marketing strategy. With the rise of TikTok and other video-centered platforms, it’s easy to see that people enjoy seeing this form of media above any other.

Research also shows that at least 80% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. With the increasing demand for video, content creators and some brands are jumping on this trend by experimenting with different editing tools and techniques. However, audience preference may be swayed by the platforms they use. Social media algorithms are prioritizing video in a user’s feed across the board, making the need for video content even greater. 

You can enhance your SEO by including optimized videos 

SEO is an essential piece of your online marketing presence, and video plays a far bigger role in optimizations than people realize. Google’s algorithm for generating search results places value on video content, especially when it is high quality and is relevant to the user’s original search terms. Here are three reasons why video improves your SEO: 

  1. Video drives traffic to your website. One of the factors in the Google search algorithm is the amount of incoming traffic to your website. Google automatically pulls YouTube results for specific searches where that content can best answer a user’s question.

  2. People stay on your site longer while watching videos. People tend to leave web pages that have large pieces of text they have to read, thus increasing the bounce rate. Video immensely helps improve these measurements by giving the viewer an enticing way to receive their content.

  3. Video boosts conversions. According to a study, shoppers are twice as likely to make a purchase after viewing a product video. Beyond getting more eyes on your content, videos can actually bring you more conversions.

Video brings a sense of transparency and authenticity to your brand

Video is a fantastic way to show what your brand is all about. It's easy for a consumer to get to know your brand personality through video content, but be wary of any formats that may read as inauthentic. Younger audiences are criticizing brands that try too hard to stay on-trend. Viewers read their attempts at relevance as inauthentic, unfunny, and cringeworthy. Many people have found success when they are just having fun with their video content, seeing how certain trends can fit into their brand’s niche. If you're interested in being a part of a more organic conversation in this way, you can always consider influencer marketing and leveraging the opportunities of the creator economy. 

Another part of being authentic is avoiding the hard sell in your video content, and just within content in general. Content should always add value — it should educate, inspire, or entertain your audience every step of the way. 

In 2023, we predict an increase in consumers’ desire for transparency and authenticity from influencers and brands, not just in product marketing, but in marketing from all industries.

Trends we predict to see in 2023

Lights, camera — take action! If you’re looking to jump into video creation for your content strategy, take a look at these trends to help you decide where to start.

  • Silent videos with captions are gaining momentum. About 85% of short videos on platforms like Facebook are viewed without sound, making accessibility through captions that much more valuable

  • Short form video reigns supreme. Social media and trend culture has shifted the ways brands are sharing information — dances, sounds, and social challenges playing major roles.

  • User-generated content improves authenticity and engagement. Whether you decide to use employees, influencers, or happy customers, videos created by users get 10x more views on YouTube than other content created by brands. 

You don’t have to jump into the deep end by producing hundreds of videos when revamping your content strategy. The most important thing to keep in mind is to remain consistent — to be steady with how often you upload videos, the quality of your production, the transparency you show your audience, and how engaging you are with those who interact with your content. What are you doing to optimize your video strategy?

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