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Should your Physicians Invest in Twitter Blue?

Should your Physicians Invest in Twitter Blue?

If you’re sick of all the Twitter updates, we feel you. It feels like the platform has gone through a bit of a mid-life crisis over the past few months. It should go without saying that physicians and hospitals simply don’t have the time to follow the day-by-day changes of the platform, so let’s tackle Twitter together.

What is Twitter Blue? In simplest terms, it’s the new version of the blue checkmark wrapped up in a subscription. But is the blue checkmark on Twitter as cool and coveted as it once was? 

Until a few months ago, the blue checkmark confirmed the legitimacy of Twitter profiles of noteworthy people, such as celebrities, politicians, industry leaders, influencers, or popular brands. In order to receive this stamp of approval, people and brands have to go through an application and verification process to prove they are actually who they say they are.

Today, the once-exclusive blue checkmark is available to everyone on the platform for a small monthly fee of $8. You do still have to go through a verification process, but the number of followers you have or your noteworthiness as a person or brand doesn’t play a role in the decision to verify you. Additionally, because of this verification, there is a door open for tackling misinformation around healthcare and displaying a physician’s dedication to posting accurate medical info to followers and fellow colleagues on the platform. 

“#MedTwitter” is a highly-used hashtag on the medical side of the platform and its use has created a community unlike anything else. This corner of the platform is where medical experts can flex their expertise and network with others in the industry in a more casual, bite-sized manner compared to Facebook or LinkedIn.

So, for healthcare marketers and physicians on Twitter who are curious about trying out the subscription, here are the pros and cons. 


  1. Priority in search, mentions, and replies
    If there is one "pro" above the rest, this one is it. Physicians with a Twitter Blue subscription will be prioritized above those without, meaning that they are toward the top of comment and reply threads, boosting visibility. Also, a recent update stated that the only accounts shown on the new “For You” feed are Twitter Blue accounts. All of this could be beneficial for #MedTwitter posts where a physician can present themself as a thought leader. If your marketing team is looking to expand paid media efforts on Twitter, we recommend trying this more cost-effective alternative first. If you aren’t currently making physicians a part of your brand on social media at all, here’s why you should. 
  2. “Edit Tweet” feature
    Twitter Blue subscribers are able to go back at any point in time and edit their past tweets. For example, if a physician posts a tweet with a typo or wants to update a tweet based on new details and innovations, they have the ability to. 

  3. 1080px videos
    Physicians can now share high-quality videos of their work in the hospital and operating room as a way to connect with their followers. This capability allows them to provide a clear view of complex procedures or scans.

  4. Reader mode
    World-class doctors don’t have time for ads that can clutter their feeds. Reader mode is a Chrome extension that keeps your Twitter feed clean.