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How open enrollment marketing can create a door for greater returns

How open enrollment marketing can create a door for greater returns

The open enrollment period takes place for two and half months out of the year, but imagine the possibilities that could come from offering open enrollment resources all year long. You can build a bigger trust between your health system and businesses looking at their coverage options. You can become known as a reliable helping hand for those of all ages in your community. Here are a few ways we've found to navigate through this complex topic.

Connect with and support employers

For our somewhat forgotten group of open enrollment: businesses. All most people want is to feel understood and appreciated. That’s why we can’t underestimate the power supporting this group can have. The open enrollment period is an excellent opportunity to assist businesses in deciding on the best healthcare coverage for their company, ensuring they can continue to easily and affordably access the care they trust. 

You as a health system can use open enrollment as a starting place. A way to prove that you’re the ideal partner for care. Let employers know about the choice they have that includes your health system, and you'll create awareness of your services among potential patients. Create this initial connection with employers during open enrollment.

It can also be beneficial to reach out throughout the year to the businesses in your community to stay top of mind. The more you connect with and support the companies around you, the more likely they will choose coverage options that keep you in-network. 

Connect with your patients year-round

When it comes to something as daunting as open enrollment, we want patients to feel like they’re in the driver’s seat. You want them to feel you are a trusty health advisor who can help them make the right turns regarding their health. Most people don’t know that as they age, recommended wellness checks change AND their insurance likely covers it. So, how will they know if we don’t tell them?

Be a resource for your community. Let them know that you care about their health needs and beyond. An easy way to get started is to help people know what wellness exams and screenings they should get at each age stage. For example, when a man reaches 40 years old, he should add diabetes and colorectal cancer screenings to his list of annual checkups. 

Discover the benefits of open enrollment marketing

Being a prominent health figure in your community can cause people to be drawn to your services when they need medical care. Someone is more likely to visit your hospital if they saw a sign at a local event with your logo on it or a valuable resource made by your health system circulating around the internet. A couple of simple things we’ve done for our clients include a “stages and ages” checklist of wellness exams and creating avenues for connection with local businesses

What are some other unique ways to reach your community and build a trust that brings them through your doors? At DECODE, we love coming up with new and unseen ideas to get people interested in what our clients have to offer. Let us know some interesting things you’ve worked on!

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