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Wowzers! You’re just a few clicks away from 2023’s top trends!

Wowzers! You’re just a few clicks away from 2023’s top trends!

And what we’ve got to say about them will have your jaw on the floor.

These trends are a big deal. In fact, they’re even bigger than that. Why? Because we’ve investigated everything you can expect to see on the advertising scene in 2023 — and then we went a step further.

DECODE experts took these must-know trends and gave them a healthcare spin, showing you exactly how they can apply to your hospital, clinic, or office’s marketing. We’ve even packaged it up for you, in the form of our 2023 trends report. We know you’re on the edge of your seat, with burning questions, such as:

  • What do reviews have to do with securing a spot in a piece of the SEO sphere’s most envied real estate?
  • How could a billboard possibly be leading the charge in marketing technology innovations? 
  • Will blockchain really revolutionize the EMR game and level the playing field between major health systems and private practices?

And it might be hard to believe, but there’s even more where that came from. All you need to do to get the answers is fill out this form. Seriously, it’s that easy. So fill it out, hit submit, and get ready to discover the trends that’ll have you saying, “holy smokes!”

DECODE’s official 2023 trends report