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    Baylor College of Medicine
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Health sciences university website

Sharing information is one thing; sharing 26,000 pages is something else.

The goal was to connect people around the world to information from Baylor College of Medicine about the latest innovations in healthcare. The challenge was to develop a 26,000-page website that would do that.

Baylor College of Medicine is a health sciences university that applies science and discoveries to further education, healthcare, and community service locally and globally. They wanted to optimize the website to ensure it not only spoke to their four unique missions — healthcare, education, research, and the foundation — but also to the worldwide dissemination of critical scientific information.

Baylor College of Medicine’s previous website was limited in its features and accessibility.

Accessibility should always be a priority, never an afterthought.

Start here. We began by developing a strong UX design and created a platform that achieves this goal and, at the same time, gives specific users access to make site updates.

Our team began the process by identifying the various audiences: patients, physicians, students, and donors. We then addressed the needs that each group would have and developed ways in which the site could function successfully for each part of the organization.

Baylor College of Medicine’s new homepage features a simple, easy-to-use navigation bar.

Simplicity is the essence of communication.

We did it. Once completed, we integrated the different audience objectives into one cohesive, adaptable healthcare website.


The creation of the 26,600-page website was not without its challenges, but these obstacles led to new solutions. Some of these opportunities for innovation included building adaptability into the site to provide longevity for the healthcare system, creating a dynamic site in a heavily regulated vertical, and developing navigation that fit multiple subsites, objectives, and audiences.


Over the six months following the launch of the site, we saw:

  • %

    increase in new users

  • %

    increase in average pages viewed per session

  • %

    decrease in bounce rate

  • %

    increase in average time spent on site


Healthcare Advertising Awards - Website - Gold Award