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No room for waste: Inflation-proof marketing

No room for waste: Inflation-proof marketing

Working with a shoestring budget in a stiletto world

Inflation: you’re seeing it everywhere, from the grocery stores to the gas pumps. It’s affecting you, your organization, and — most importantly — your patients. As they’re reevaluating their budgets, non-emergency healthcare needs may seem like an obvious area for cutbacks, which will create a domino effect leading to a drastic decrease in routine screenings and exams.

The marketing sector is no stranger to the inflation crunch. As the price of ad placements increases, so does the temptation to slash marketing budgets. But is that the best move?

Less marketing means less visibility for your organization and fewer opportunities to connect with your current and future patients. And, quite frankly, in times where your audience is paying more attention to other issues, you should raise the bar for your advertising efforts, because they’re more important than ever.

So how do you do that when your costs are rising too?

Put the "Zero Waste Mentality" in your marketing budget plan

We’re all about zero waste. It’s the idea that every part of your budget — even the small ones — can be stretched to the maximum for noticeable results. Making the absolute most of what you’ve got and not letting a drop go to waste might sound intimidating, but it’s much simpler than you’d think.

Small moves have big impacts. For example:

  • Focus on organic content. Scaling back your use of paid media can help you redirect funds to other areas. By narrowing your focus to creating more shareable content, you have the ability to reach new people at a fraction of the price.
  • Let employees be the brand. Allowing, and encouraging, your employees to embody your brand on social media creates an opportunity for a growing audience without the growing cost. You can do this through content calendars for leadership teams, utilizing physicians as influencers in the medical sphere, or simply encouraging your staff to engage with your posts.
  • Invest in SEO. When you’re thinking about where your budget should go, SEO should be toward the top of the list. The brand visibility generated by optimized content is priceless, giving you more ways to be seen with less spending.
  • Understand the changing market. The marketing landscape is ever-changing, and new, creative strategies are always a necessity, which makes investing in partnerships a smart move. Now is the time to collaborate with experts and agencies on a fresh new marketing approach.

Think of it this way: It’s not about what’s going to give you the best ROI from a monetary perspective; it’s about getting the best ROI in their brain space: how you made them feel, how you connected with your shared community, and how you used storytelling to bond over your shared values.

Are you ready to downsize your marketing waste?

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