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Customer Relationship Management: Find the Win-Win Between CRM Programs and Privacy

Customer Relationship Management: Find the Win-Win Between CRM Programs and Privacy

Don’t let the backlash against metapixels derail your CRM strategy.

When it comes to creating personalized communication in coordination with your customer relationship management (CRM) resources, you may be feeling unsure or uneasy at the moment due to metapixel concerns.

Think back to when HIPAA was invited to the party — we had those same fears around red tape, legal and regulatory unknowns, and more. It felt like our marketing and patient outreach campaigns were over. But we adapted and learned to continue providing value, despite the new challenges.

So what does it take to continue making the most of CRM while finding the happy medium between legal considerations and the need to engage our patients in their health and wellness care?

  1. Expand your tactics to utilize what we like to call digital tracers: retargeting ads, form fills, and volunteered data.
  2. Lean in on health and wellness education. Not only does this approach avoid protected health information (PHI) concerns, but in a post-COVID environment, patients, providers, and marketers alike know it’s about the value, not the sell. In other words, it’s time to up the ante on education as a driver of patient volume. The more you know, the more you succeed — and you already know a lot, just from their age and stage.
  3. Prioritize patient onboarding and ongoing provider communication through customized portal registration messaging, annual reminders, and notes from care providers. All these things add up to one heck of a personal touch. And trust us, these matter. Use what you know to drive what they don’t know.

Putting it all together creates a better patient experience online and in person. The ultimate result? It makes your company better at carrying out value-based care by giving patients the information they need — when they need it — for better outcomes.

CRM data is a gold mine of prospect information. Savvy marketers should transform it into smarter and more meaningful strategies rather than just using it for email blasts.” — Karthik Ramanathan, Associate Director of Technical Strategy

Who would've thought that data could create human relationships?

Fortunately, only a limited amount of PHI is required for you to make the most of your CRM. You need just enough to see the specific events and key interactions that indicate patients’ patterns.

As the industry progresses in the move towards value-based care, CRM tools — and the strategy that drives them — will prove to be an invaluable resource for improving the patient experience. Thanks to its predictive analysis and insight implementation abilities, CRM creates unique opportunities for healthcare organizations to build stronger patient relationships, even as metapixel data dips.

In other words, you don’t need a million data points to connect with audiences. You just need to know how to selectively apply information at the right time and place for interactions that matter.

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